Sunday, 10 November 2013

The Mick Twyman collection - Margate Jetty , Droit house and the harbour

I am in the process of knocking up a CD for  the TDC Tourism department featuring the Jetty and the Droit House and the Margate Harbour area. For the search engines I will also refer to Margate Jetty as Margate Pier .
Following Mick's socialist policy of free history for the masses I have picked out a dozen images from the CD that I hope you will find of are  interest . Please feel free to copy and download.

In Mick's collection there are a number of stereo cards mostly dated 1860's so I am inclined to date this view as 1860's

This view even though it is undated would be how the view was in the 1870's

This is an excellent view as it how the jetty would have looked in 1854. The view is pre 1977 before part of the extension was built.

This view above is 1877 for sure with the extension under construction.

This is a popular image and was rescued from a glass plate dates 1895.

A post 1897 view featuring the newly construction east and west slipways.

A Edwardian view of the Jetty.

Droit House Margate and the entrance to the Jetty, there is no date with this one I can find. It has to be post 1888 as that was the date when Marine Drive was completed in the back ground.

On the Jetty , this is dated 1912

I have featured this view before , 1914 and war is looming. The Royal Navy is anchored off shore.

Another one of those early First World War views.

The Droit House after it was bombed in the second world war , I know someone who has got a bit of the bell of the clock tower that was shattered in the blast.

A nice new Droit House, this view was taken in 1954 with the lighthouse under construction following the 1953 storm.

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Anonymous said...

This is an excellent collection and does a lot to show our wealth of heritage here in Thanet. Well done Michael, and the late Twyman.
Cllr Alasdair Bruce