Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Mick Twyman collection - The Marine Series of photographic postcards by Margate seaside photographer George Philip Hoare

Trawling through the Mick Twyman collection of  postcards I am now able to piece together some more photography by Margate sea side photographer George Philip Hoare . This time it is the marine series he produced before the First World War . It is noticeable that in every batch I have come across George seems to have this thing about photographing rough weather, mostly from the Jetty looking towards the shore. In one instance there is a view of the area that is now the site of the current Turner Center and in the back ground are the studios of a rival George Houghton that can be seen on the cliff top, If this was intentional I do not know. George Houghton was in business before George Philip Hoare and he photographed the destruction of the Marine Palace on the 29th November 1897. George Philip Hoare arrived in Margate a year later in 1898 aged nineteen and was employed as a photographer by Goodman and Schimdt.

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