Sunday, 24 November 2013

New Palace Steamers in postcards

From the mid 1890's up until the outbreak of the First World War two main paddle steamer companies and two railway companies competed to transport people in their thousands to Margate . One of the companies New Palace Steamers even produced their own souvenirs for the trip. I have now accumulated a few postcards they produced.
On another point two years ago I found a piece of broken plate on the main sands that has part of the same address seen on the bottom of the postcards.

On some areas of the Margate main sands near the low water mark I am now coming to the conclusion that most of the shards excluding mineral water bottles that have been found are actually gash thrown over the side by the Paddle Steamers that visited the jetty during that era. Also the amount of finds that date after the time the paddle steamers stopped operating the routes does decline significantly.

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