Thursday, 24 October 2013

General Steam Navigation Company at Margate

I have posted this photograph from the Mick Twyman archive for paddle steamers historians. It is the 2nd June 1923 and it is a gathering of the Mayor of Margate, Town Councillors , Directors of the Margate Pier and Harbour Company and the board members of the General Steam Navigation Company commemorating the 100th year anniversary of the GSNC and services to Margate.

The "Royal Sovereign" at the Jetty 1928

Not sure if this is a GSNC paddle steamer , but it a cracking view of the Jetty.

Same with this paddle steamer not sure if this GSNC , however it is impressive photograph given the size of the steamer to the jetty. It does make me wonder how they managed to berth.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Paddle Steamers at Margate and Ramsgate in Photographs

In the Mick Twyman collection there are hundreds of images of paddle steamers. Mick studied the paddle steamer trade at Margate in depth and wrote a  complete history of the paddle steamer trade at Margate and Ramsgate . I can assure reader's Mick articles had been heavily researched.
I have attached a selection of photographs and postcards of paddle steamers for your enjoyment and please feel free to download and share.

The " Royal Eagle" and the "Queen of Thanet"

The "Conqueror " 1897

The "Royal Sovereign" 1903

The "London Belle" at the Jetty dates between 1925 when the lifeboat house on the right was opened and 1928 when the slipway on the left was demolished.

Post 1928 after the slipway on the left was demolished.

The "Royal Eagle" published by E Cox Margate.

The " Crested Eagle " of the General Steam Navigational Company,

Belle Steamers poster.

The "Royal Eagle" on the left and "Southern Belle"on the right

The "Royal Sovereign"  1909

The Captain of the "Royal Eagle"

The "Koh -I-Nor" 1909 

The "Eagle" 1907 published by R C Bear of Ramsgate

This is just a sample there will be more to follow.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Margate 1914 in photographs

1914 is set to be a significant year as next year marks the centenary of the out break of the first world war. I have been going through the Mick Twyman archive of postcards and photographs separating everything that Mick has dated 1914 in order to produce a set of images that portray life in Margate in the year of the out break of  the war. Please feel free to download and reproduce.

Margate Harbour and Jetty with the Royal Navy anchored in the Margate Roads

The Winter Gardens 1914

The lower promenade 1914

The Westbrook Pavillion 1914

Inside the Westbrook Pavilion 1914

Palm Bay 1914

Queens Promenade Cliftonville 1914

Marine Drive and Margate Sands 1914

On Westbrook beach summer 1914

On the beach Palm Bay 1914

Fort Cresent 1914

Catherine Villa St Peter's Road 1914

St Johns Boy Scouts 1914

YMCA Pilgrims 1914 , Margate Football pitch when it was on the Dreamland site.

Margate Policeman versus Margate Postmen football match 1914

Winter Gardens and Fort Paragon 1914

Marine Terrace and the Main Sands 1914 photograph taken by local photographer George Philip Hoare

Walpole Bay Cliftonville 1914

Queens Highcliffe Hotel 1914

Dane Park Margate 1914

A parade in Cecil Square Margate October 1914

Wheatsheaf Corner Northdown Road Cliftonville 1914