Friday, 28 February 2014

George Hatcher and other Margate Boat Builders

This is a good read, Margate Boat builders by Frank Spain from the Margate Historical Society archive. Some people may even remember George Hatcher.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Iron age well sites at Minnis Bay

Following an article in the Isle of Thanet Gazette on the archaeological digs at Minnis Bay  conducted by  Antoinette Powell Cotton I contacted the Powell Cotton Museum as they requested anyone with memories of the digging to come forward . I then met up with the archaeologist who is coordinating the research.
 I received my brief and I went walking and bingo I came across this. It is a Iron age well listed as MED 39 and has been back filled after excavation with granite pegs. This photograph confirms its existence to the map and information they have.
Being  archaeological sensitive  sites I have no intention of disturbing them as my brief is to just re confirm their existence for modern data processing.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Margate in the 1930's in photographs.

Sorting through a number of files I can across a small folder of miscellaneous photographs taken in Margate in the 1930's. I have posted the lot for your enjoyment and please feel free to download.

Margate football team 1930 - 1931

Dreamland 1930's

Event in Cecil Square possible 1935 silver jubilee.

Margate's political elite of the day

Clifton Boys Football club 1933 -1934
Sporting event in Cliftonville
Crowds on the main sands circa 1930's

Dane Park 1934

Northdown Road 1938

Northdown Road 1936