Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Mick Twyman collection - photography by George Philip Hoare Margate Photographer

One of the advantages of having such a large archive of postcards and photographs from the Mick Twyman collection  is that it has enabled me to identify the work of George Philip Hoare . The history of the man himself is well documented as he was a former Mayor of Margate and played a major role in civic life. However his work is not and like most sea side photographers of the Edwardian period up until the out break of the First World War the identity of who took what of the many of the thousands images is a real challenge.
In 1998 the Margate Charter Trustees discovered two albums of his work in a vault during an extensive clear out. One album was of topographical views and the other large album were civic events, family photographs, wartime photography and wartime newspaper cuttings. The last few pages of the large album does have newspaper cuttings of the obituaries from when he died, also included is a photograph of his grave in Margate cemetery. The large album is in the Margate Museum and the contents of the smaller album were remounted and retained by the Margate Charter Trustees .

I am gradually building up an album and below are a few samples of what I have to date. Please feel free to download the images.

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