Thursday, 24 October 2013

General Steam Navigation Company at Margate

I have posted this photograph from the Mick Twyman archive for paddle steamers historians. It is the 2nd June 1923 and it is a gathering of the Mayor of Margate, Town Councillors , Directors of the Margate Pier and Harbour Company and the board members of the General Steam Navigation Company commemorating the 100th year anniversary of the GSNC and services to Margate.

The "Royal Sovereign" at the Jetty 1928

Not sure if this is a GSNC paddle steamer , but it a cracking view of the Jetty.

Same with this paddle steamer not sure if this GSNC , however it is impressive photograph given the size of the steamer to the jetty. It does make me wonder how they managed to berth.

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Anonymous said...

Am so sorry it has taken nearly a year to comment but have only just come across your posting!
For your information, the two funnelled steamer laying alongside is the "Queen of Thanet" owned by the New Medway Steam Packet Co.Ltd., which became part of the GSN in 1936. The "Royal Sovereign" was only in the GSN fleet in 1929 and lastly, the large twin funnelled steamer is the "La Marguerite" and was never owned by the GSN. She ended up running in the North Wales / Liverpool Bay area.
Hope that is of interest!
Alan Peake