Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Rowe Bequest

In 1926 a Doctor Arthur Rowe bequeathed to the Borough of Margate his collection of literature, artwork and archaeological remains . Excluding the archaeological objects the collection is as follows.

Books, pamphlets & excerpts          536
Portfolios                                           11
Prints and illustrations                       569
Manuscripts                                       72
Maps                                                 40
Posters, programmes, guides etc.,     534
Book of views                                    40
Photographs                                     154
Plans                                                  36
Original works of art                           66
Bound Acts of Parliament                    16
Music                                                    1

Total                                               2075

All these items became assets of either the Kent County Council and Thanet District Council on 1st April 1974. I am not sure of the distribution of the archaeological remains but most of the collection which is a library collection went to Kent County Council. Thanet District council did receive a number of items and I do possess a list of 77 items.