Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Margate Harbour and its precincts - 1812 to 1912 collection of items.

This afternoon I had a good sort out  some of  the items I have found in and around the Margate Harbour area and out towards the main sands. This also includes some items found close by  inland of which I have purchased. Many of my items were found during the underpinning of the stone pier. This is my second collection as the first collection I gave to the Margate Museum.  With the first collection the emphasis was more on the late Victorian period. This collection however pre dates that period and includes items I can safely date from around 1812 when the Margate Pier and Harbour Company came into being. So in reality this collection represents every decade of the first century of Margate Harbour since construction began in 1812 and has the provenance.
 In reality it is a miracle I have found this much considering the amount dredging that has taken place in the 20th century, something I also put down to the amount of crushed items that can be found out towards the main sands area.
Mounted on foam board I have included photographs I took around the time of the underpinning works.