Saturday, 21 January 2012

The sea defence works - recent finds (01/12)

I am now photographing some of my finds, found in the vicinity of the Margate sea defence works to keep as a record. So far I have not come across anything spectacular but I am building a collection of life at Margate Harbour.

This item I believe to be a marine engine part it is made of bronze and weighs over half a kilo found around the square head where pile driving and digging has taken place.

A butchered jaw bone of a pig, I originally thought it was a sheep's jaw but the tusk shape of some of the teeth made me think other otherwise. Found inside the harbour close to the wall where digging and pile driving has taken place.

Three bottlenecks of the string neck variety, the glass is thick and crudely made I reckon probably dates round 1810 to 1830's. These were found on the surface before the sea defence work started when I walked the entire area picking up everything of age.

Clay pipe stems, there is no shortage of them and they are found where any digging has taken place. However, there doesn't seem to be many pipe bowls at the moment.

I think this may be a hand made copper fastening found around the square head of the stone pier. It looks as if it has been subject to a great force that has bent it.

A sample of the hundreds of shards I have picked up over a wide area since the early autumn. Most are non descript and only show signs of age , a few do have part of the logos of paddle steamer companies.

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