Thursday, 26 January 2012

The sea defence diaries - 26/01/12 a mystery find.

This is the latest find (26/01/12) found by Breheny contractors working on the Margate coastal defence project. Found behind the harbour wall , it certainly is a mystery.
My recent coverage of the sea defence works has certainly been attracting some interest if my blog stats are to be believed. Which is a good thing because it is times like these that someone somewhere may have that little bit of knowledge that can make all the difference and I find it is always best to share things with a wider audience

My theory and it could be totally wrong, is that when passengers boarded or alighted to and from steamers or even when cargoes like coal were being unloaded, or even when the small railway on the upper promenade was in use, there has to be some form of crowd control. I think that this may have been a post or part of a post to hook chains onto, that temporary blocked access. I could be wrong and any other idea will be gratefully received.

Anyway thanks again to Breheny contractors and the team at Margate for taking the time and trouble to save another piece of history.

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