Saturday, 21 January 2012

The sea defence diaries a recent find ( 01/12)

I have received this photograph sent to me by Warren Martin who is the site engineer working for Breheny civil engineering who are the contractors for the Margate coastal sea defence works. It was found at the end of the Stone Pier and it is a iron wheel with spokes covered in concretion which will need further research.
It is good to see that the contractors are keeping an eye out for historical items while working to a busy schedule. I have also been informed that a number of complete old bottles were found when the north wall of the boating pool was demolished.
Warren has offered me the wheel to add to the collection of finds of which I will gratefully accept. Should anyone else find any item arising from the sea defence works please contact me and I will feature it on my blog.

I have been constantly going through the images in my collection of Margate Harbour and the area of where the sea defence works are taking place studying the detail. I have also been viewing all the Margate postcards up for sale on ebay something I can recommend as I find it easier than going to the library and cheaper than buying them. Below I have picked two out from my collection, one is of the colliers at low tide in Margate harbour that has lots of detail. The second is of the boating pool and shows the pipe that drains Tivoli Brookes that forms the inner core of the remaining boating pool wall.

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