Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The sea defence diaries 23/01/12 - another find

This piece of the railing sent in by Warren Martin the sea defences site engineer and was found late night on 23/01/12 by Paul Bailey an excavator driver working for Breheny the contractors working on the Margate coastal defence project.

The railing post originally came from the upper promenade around the second and third cant and is one of the original railing posts. From the photograph it confirms this passion Margate Pier and Harbour Company had for painting everything in red oxide that was made of metal and did not move.

The railing post has now been been set aside for exhibition, many thanks to Breheny contractors and the team at Margate.

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Readit said...

At that age it will be "red lead" not "red oxide" Tony. Don't let any children chew it, elf n safely and all that.