Monday, 30 January 2012

The sea defence diaries 30/01/12 - the coins are now turning up

The top two photographs above were taken during the Christmas period and show the piling around the square head in position. The two photographs below were taken this morning around 09:45 am 30/01/12 and show how deep the piling is being driven in around the square head. Equally as interesting are the layers of mud, sand and clay that are being dug up and the historic evidence it contains. When the work is completed I am sure there will be many finds to come as the tide washes through the spoil around the square head.
Before I took the photographs of the pile driving I ran my metal detector over an area I selected a few weeks ago behind the Droit House. The area is full of iron work from the wreck of the Jetty entrance making it very difficult to metal detect effectively, but I did manage to pick up a few coins. I have selected the older ones and as you can see the sand and sea outside the harbour wall has a terrible effect on them. The top line are George III halfpennies and one George III farthing, the second line are Victorian bun head pennies and the third bottom line are two Victorian halfpennies and two farthings. The oldest George III coin is dated 1799 and all were found close to the harbour wall around the area of the blocked up sluice.

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