Thursday, 22 December 2016

Thanet coast - collecting items from the life and death cycle of marine life.

The Thanet and Sandwich coast like any other coastal region has a natural life and death cycle of marine life. Evidence is not to far away and can be found mostly on the strandlines of over 22 miles of coastline. Dead carcasses ashore are not a uncommon find but from a natural history collectors point of view I would think the bones  would more collectible.
Building a collection is easy but it is very time consuming walking miles of coastline. I have built up a small collection which to be honest I have come across by accident as I comb the beaches looking for shipwreck remains and evidence of.
This year (2016) the deaths of porpoises top the finds list followed by Gannets. I have also been lucky to come across common seal bones where the origins are from the local seal colony in the River Stour Estuary.
I have posted a few photographs of some of the finds I have in my collection.

Razorbill beak, I have donated it to the Monkton nature reserve collection.

Razorbill skull

Remains of a Gannet ashore recently in November

Part of a beak from a Gannet part of the remains after a scavenger had attacked the carcase.

In no particular order common seal bones including a nice Scapula

Another common seal bone (Ischium)

Vertebrae of a harbour porpoise

Samples taken from vertebrae in the previous photograph all clean and presentable.

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