Monday, 26 December 2016

Sandwich Bay shipwrecks - Teredo navalis

The location of the five shipwrecks on the Sandwich flats is no big secret as they can be easily seen from the shore All that remains are the ribs and some planking. The ends of the ribs have suffered badly from the wood boring bivalve known as the Teredo worm (Teredo navalis). Occasionally wood from these wreck sites break away and are found ashore and many are good examples of Teredo worm infestation. This example of a oak rib I found a few months ago has now dried out and I have cut sections of if. It can be very decorative  and does some natural artistic appeal.

I have cut this cube of infested oak as an specimen sample.

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Dayal Rana said...

This is very rare but common thing on the beaches. I always prefer to make some holidays.