Thursday, 15 December 2016

Thanet cetacean strandings 2016

This year to date Sandwich and Thanet strandings and sea mammal remains ashore have been uneventful with no whales ashore. In May this year a dead dolphin was ashore at Sandwich Bay this was recovered by the IZL , ref SW20 215. The largest casualty again are Harbour Porpoise deaths with five recorded or should I say parts of as predators like grey seals have been active in the area. These finds were recorded through the North East Kent Marine Protection Area project. I am the posting images I hold  of the finds.

5th May 2016 Sandwich Bay

Close up of injuries

Other injuries.

Ramsgate main sands 24th April 2016

Westbrook Margate 27th April 2016

Sandwich Bay September 2016

Sandwich Bay 16th October 2016

River Stour Estuary 3rd November 2016 , I was able to take a few bone examples.

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