Wednesday, 14 December 2016

An update on the B17 flying fortress on the Sandwich flats B17 G 42 - 31243 303 rd Bomb group.

Since the last posting there has been a steady stream of items coming ashore in Sandwich Bay Kent. Parts are found over a wide area as the wings of the B17 break up. I have informed the MOD that parts are coming ashore. As the pieces are classed as surface wreckage I do not need a licence to collect them from the beach. However it does not mean I can keep them to build a private collection. With agreement with the MOD as I find the parts I take them to the RAF Manston History Museum. Given the fact that there are more than one crashed aircraft in the bay there is a possibility that some parts could be from another aircraft so they do need to authenticated by the Museum. The Museum are conserving the parts and will eventually have them on display.
I have set up a facebook group called Sandwich B17 G group that gives regular update on the finds and latest photographs feel free to join. In October this year the crash site took a battering in a storm and I have posted the latest photographs of the site. One again there were more pieces ashore and I even found  some ammunition. In 1999 the engines were taken and in nacelle two a tyre can be seen and it is in very good condition.

October 2016

A marking on the port wing

Rubber pipe work is still intact

Part of the tail section underwater

A maker plate still intact

Wiring in the fuselage area

The outer skin of part of the port wing is peeling away

Two rubber  fuel tanks

.5 live round

The maker of the .5 Lincoln city ordnance

Rubber pipe ashore

The numbering on the rubber pipe

Piece from the tail section ashore that is breaking up

This piece of aircraft is still attached to some wood.

A number part

Stainless steel nacelle panel

Numbering on the nacelle panel

Another numbered part

This part was found well over a mile away

The are only a few examples more info on

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