Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Thanet coast - Sealink ferries and beach plastic.

 Sealink cross channel ferries that operated from Dover ceased to be in 1984. The company may have been and gone but the legacy of marine debris that originates from the cross channel ferry trade still continues to haunt us. Over the past month or so three identical plastic items from over 32 years ago have appeared on the north Thanet coastline. Two were found at Margate and the other further along the coast at Grenham Bay Birchington . The origin being Sealink ferries.
 Beach plastic is now opening another chapter in coastal history as items going back to the 1970's are now being reported as found. The finds may be interesting but they really do raise environmental concerns.

Found by Tony Ovenden Margate main sands

Found by NEKMPA coastal warden Terry Wilson Grenham Bay Birchington.

Found by Margate mudlark Frank Leppard on the Nayland rock Margate.


Tony Ovenden said...

28.12.16 Another two have been found at Minnis Bay Birchington.

Pareek Khan said...

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