Friday, 16 August 2013

Mick Twyman archive - early Margate beach photographers and beach views

Looking through the Mick Twyman archive there are many examples of early twentieth century beach photography and among the archive I came across a photograph of the people who were responsible for capturing such an lasting example of seaside social history, The Margate beach photographers.
In the picture above is Robert Vanhear one of the Margate beach photographers with his equipment. I am not sure who the other person is.
Below are examples are of beach pastimes during the early part of the twentieth century and each of the photographs capture the ambiance of the era. Please feel free to download and add to your archive these examples are for sharing.

I must add that photographs and local comments are also on two  facebook pages. Either on my page Tony Ovenden or Suzannah Foad's Margate Local and Family History. Myself and Suzannah will be covering different subjects and she will specialize more on Cliftonville and Dreamland etc., I will cover more coastal as the name of my blog implies.




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Joyce Greaves said...

Robert Vanhear was a very distant family relative of mine.His early years were characterised by criminality,described in the press as a 'notorious burglar'.Through the dereliction of their duty police officers in the old Margate lock up(where my 2xgt. grandpa Michael Harlow was no.2)Robert escaped through the bars and evaded recapture before giving himself up).He spent a period in Scotland before returning to Margate with his wife and children.
He traded in the town as a general dealer but I can't say when he took up photography.
The Harlow and Vanhear families combined when my gt.grandpa married Mary Ann Grant(who was a descendant of Edward Heritage and Elizabeth Vanhear.
If there is anyone out in the 'ether' related in anyway please get intouch.

Anonymous said...

Roberts brother James was my great grandather x 3 , his son george had a daughter called gertrude who was my grandmother. I dont know if robert and james had the same dad and i cant find much information on their grandad crisp and grandmother phoebe. I know james died in 1892 but again cant find much info on this.