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Mick Twyam archive - ships aground

 In the Mick Twyman archive there are easily over a thousand images of ships, paddle steamers, the coal trade at Margate and of the RNLI. This represents a lifetime collection of a subject Mick was deeply interested in. I have giving the Ramsgate Maritime Museum 474 images of ships and paddle steamers to add to their archives. Below I have selected ships aground from the archive.

The photographs above and below are of the "Coronel" ashore February 1910. In the booklet Bygonne Margate published 2000 by the Margate historical Society on page 38 Mick writes , "When the morning fog cleared on Sunday February 10th 1907 this was the sight which greeted the eyes of astonished Margatoniians. The 5,000 ton Norwegian steamer "Coronel" had blindly blundered onto the Longnose at Foreness Point on a falling tide during a voyage from Rotterdam to Barry Docks for a refit. Being in ballast, the efforts of "Coronel" to free herself had simply resulted in turning her bow seawards, the stern with its deeper draught remaining firmly wedged. an offer of assistance from the lifeboat was refused but the Margate surf boat "Friend to all Nations" was employed to run out anchors to assist the vessel to get herself  off on the evening tide.With her own steam winch and a pull from the Ramsgate tug "Aid" the "Coronel" floated clear and continued her voyage undamaged. During the day she had attracted the attention of large crowds of sightseers"

I must add that in the foreground are the sewage outfall pipes at Foreness point that are visible today and are now redundant.

Above the "Coronel"

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In the the Kingsgate coastguard log 1924 to 1956 there is an  entry the SS Orchis photographed above. The "Orchis" ran aground at 08:15 on 25th July 1934 in the Fog on the rocks at Foreness Point. All authorities were informed including Lloyds agents at Dover. No assistance was requested and the SS Orchis re floated under its own power at 08:50 the following day.

The minesweeper HMS Yarmouth aground after dragging anchor. At present I have no research details

HMS Yarmouth different view.

The "Dunvegan" ran aground and wedged on a groyne at Fort Point Margate west of the Margate Winter Gardens 28th April 1919. Note Margate Jetty in the background.
In Mick's archive there are also a series of photographs of coasters stranding in the entrance of Margate harbour with their cargoes of which I will post at a later date.

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