Sunday, 18 August 2013

Mick Twyman archive - Early 20th Century Margate people

During the 1890's Margate saw a rapid expansion in the development of the industry tourist industry providing much needed employment something we hear so much of today. All jobs then were related to the Tourist industry from construction, maintenance, farming and  retail to feed a booming industry. In the Mick Twyman archive I have come across a few photographs of local people from the early part of the 20th Century employed in these industries, many  I have no doubt are related to local  people today. As usual these articles are for sharing and downloading as Mick did not build up an archive to remain locked away from public view, this is our heritage.

The Cliftonville newspaper seller
The Ladies of Love Lane, not to sure what their jobs were but I could hazard a guess.

The Promenades had to look smart then, work men painting the railings

At Clifotnville new roads were built and maintained . Cliftonville was so posh in those days even the road labourers wore shirts and ties
This photograph was taken opposite Margate Railway Station in Station Road
The staff at Palm Bay in 1913
Not sure who these  people are, but they are local anyway.


Anonymous said...


Have you any more photos of Station Road ? is that the pub on the corner there ?

Bill True bought two properties thereabouts. One was a disused wholesale and retail newsagent and one furniture storage I think.

I helped him renovate into flats.

But I think at one time he was after historic photos. as always Building Control excellent no problems. But Planning ............. Best wishes Richard

Anonymous said...

I had a look on Google earth. I think the dispute with TDC was about gates where they seem to have made him put an incongruous fence.

Best wishes Richard

Anonymous said...

The last picture is of the Sunbeam staff - 1938. The boy front right is the now 89 year old Chris Fright

Tony Ovenden said...

Annon, thank you so much for that information absolutely priceless, thanks again.