Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Mick Twyman archive - Margate Jetty 1853 to 1877 in photographs.

Mick Twyman is and was the most knowledgeable person on Margate Jetty or Margate Pier as it is commonly known. Going through his archive I have come across three photographs from the 1853 to 1877 period. Even though the photographs are dated 1870's is does give some idea what the Jetty looked like around the 1850's / 1860's when the purpose of the Jetty was to load and unload passengers at low water from the London paddle steamers.
I spoken to Eve Twyman and she has agreed that I share Mick's work with everyone who has an interest, so please feel free to download.
The Jetty how it looked from when it first opened before the 1877 extension was built.

The Jetty how it looked in 1877

1877 again , however in this photograph the pile driving work on the extension can be see

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