Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Paddle Steamers at Margate and Ramsgate in Photographs

In the Mick Twyman collection there are hundreds of images of paddle steamers. Mick studied the paddle steamer trade at Margate in depth and wrote a  complete history of the paddle steamer trade at Margate and Ramsgate . I can assure reader's Mick articles had been heavily researched.
I have attached a selection of photographs and postcards of paddle steamers for your enjoyment and please feel free to download and share.

The " Royal Eagle" and the "Queen of Thanet"

The "Conqueror " 1897

The "Royal Sovereign" 1903

The "London Belle" at the Jetty dates between 1925 when the lifeboat house on the right was opened and 1928 when the slipway on the left was demolished.

Post 1928 after the slipway on the left was demolished.

The "Royal Eagle" published by E Cox Margate.

The " Crested Eagle " of the General Steam Navigational Company,

Belle Steamers poster.

The "Royal Eagle" on the left and "Southern Belle"on the right

The "Royal Sovereign"  1909

The Captain of the "Royal Eagle"

The "Koh -I-Nor" 1909 

The "Eagle" 1907 published by R C Bear of Ramsgate

This is just a sample there will be more to follow.

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