Saturday, 10 March 2012

The sea defence diaries - re evaluation of finds

Inside Margate harbour there has been a sudden drop in finds which is expected as the under pining works are now complete and the slow process of the wind and tides washing through the freshly dug silt begins. This process could take weeks, months or even years as items are dislodged from the silt can be deposited anywhere in the harbour.

I do not expect to make bulk finds until the work starts on the north wall and slipway area. Therefore I will be back to the steady trickle of finds something I am accustomed to.
As the pace has tailed off a bit until the other works begin I now have time to have a good look at some of finds I have already made and carry out some thorough research and re evaluation.

One of the first bottles I found was this earthenware bottle photographed above and judging by the blob top shape of what is left of the broken top I believe it to be a drinks bottle. It is heavily impressed "Denby and Codnor Park Potteries" "J Bourne" along with other lettering.

Searching through the internet I came across this little piece from a Denby potteries site. From this information I have quoted below, I now am able to date this bottle as being manufactured between 1833 to 1850.

"The business was originally known as J. & J. Bourne, however, John Bourne died in 1819 and Joseph Bourne then continued the business in his own name. The nearby Codnor Park Works were acquired in 1833 and the Shipley Pottery in 1845 and both were eventually closed and their plant and staff moved to the Denby site.The business became Joseph Bourne & Son in about 1850 when Joseph Bourne entered a partnership with his son, Joseph Harvey Bourne.Joseph Bourne died in 1860 and Joseph Harvey Bourne in 1869 and the business then was continued by his widow, Sarah Elizabeth Bourne, until her death in 1898."

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