Saturday, 18 February 2012

The sea defence diaries 18/02/12

Over the past couple of days the contractors have been working on the south wall and they are not hanging about. Which is very good news for the metal detector users because the digging is taking place during a period of south westerly winds . As we will soon be back into spring tides I expect this will wash down where the contractors have been digging providing fertile metal detecting territory.
Today one of the metal detector users found an NAAFI embossed bottle of the crown cap variety in green aqua and he gave it to me for the Margate Museum. I didn't have any cash on me but when I see him next I will give him a drink for his generosity.

Today I continued as I have done over the past month concentrating on the freshly dug muddy areas in Margate. It is starting to get hard going as the finds are not as prolific as I originaly thought. So today I allocated myself three hours to do a complete end to end sweep of the harbour. As the finds are there to be found and it just takes a bit more work.
I did find two coins in the muddy area of the harbour, a 1806 penny and a 1983 one pound coin. I have scanned the two side by side to highlight that the more modern coin have suffered in the mud more than older coin. Probably because the penny is pure copper and the one pound coin is an alloy.

There was one find that caught me by surprise and that was a piece of Baltic Amber of which I have taken a photograph of in my hand. As you can see it is no baby.
Other finds included a Reeve & Co Margate bottle stopper, clay pipe stems, harbour coal, scrap metal and many shards of various description.

Today, I popped into the Margate Museum and they are now ready to take all my finds for the display team to assess. I have also told them that if they want anything for the town collection they can have it and take what they want.

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