Friday, 3 June 2011

A fresh water spring maybe on Margate Sands ?

Following on from the previous posting about the mysterious clay hole on Margate Sands I also came across water rising up from under the sand about 100 metres east from the clay hole. The water is exceptionally cold and it is drinkable, which does lead me to think maybe it is a fresh water spring. If I am right it could be of some significance as in ancient times human habitation was never far from a source of water supply. About 19:30 hrs (03/06/11) tonight the tide will be out far enough to work on the site, if you are interested I will see you down there.


Michael Child said...

Tony this spring would be coming from the chalk under Margate, so I would recommend anyone drinking it boils it first, or they may expierice the revenge of the killer tomatoes.

Anonymous said...

Peckham Spring

Anonymous said...

My great grandfather spoke of fresh water springs around Margate. Tivoli Woods, Arlington House and a field behind St. Peters Church were some of the locations where they were supposed to be.