Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Pegwell Bay print

This print of Pegwell Bay was amongst a load of old paperwork I bought at an auction. Most likely very common but very interesting all the same.

Great ideas of Thanet "mini Venice"

Does anyone remember the plan to build a Margate Marina and turn the Old Market Place, Margate into a mini Venice. The Old Town Hall and Margate Museum building is in the top right hand corner.

Marty Feldman

On the 2nd December 1982 Marty Feldman a true comic genius tragically died. Reading through the Margate Historical Society archive there is a account of him working as a washer-upper in the Galleon Bar , Margate in 1951. From there he worked in a couple of sideshow in the Dreamland Park firstly as a "real" Red Indian, arms folded,buckskin clad with brown make up assisting a "real" red Indian Chief who was dancing bare feet on broken glass. He also assisted illusionist Blondini who performed an escape from a "real" buried coffin, and then went on to run the rifle range at the Lido. He lived in Margate for 18 months.
By 1954 he had teamed up with another comic genius Barry Took to write scripts for television and radio. including the legendry "Round the Horn".
For reference Margate Historical Society Volume 10 number 3 article by Mick Twyman.
Great stuff.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Keep the home fires burning

As we enter into Autumn I have started to map out the area of sand around the East Pier and the Ramsgate main sands low water mark. The objective to work out where things are deposited on the beach by the wind and tide for future reference. Pictured is the sea coal I found for the month of August. The origins of sea coal down South are varied and I doubt if any of what I have found has come from a natural source. Sea coal in general comes from ship wrecks, spillage while unloading or jettison when a vessels runs aground .
Up North gathering sea coal is an enterprise due to the volumes washed up from natural resources and people use it as fuel and there are some good articles on the subject on the internet. Down south the volumes of sea coal are of no commercial interest and as far as I know the only person in Ramsgate who burns it is my neighbour, and that is only because I haven't got a coal fire.
As a beachcomber sea coal is important as it is an indicator to finding Amber and many other interesting things can be found in the same line as sea coal.

Is it Human ?

This piece of vertabrae was found close to the low water mark directly out from the the East Pier this week. It has been in the sea a long time but I am not sure if it is human or animal. The oval part of the bone at the longest dimension is about 40mm .
Any ideas animal or human?

Monday, 1 September 2008

The invasion of the spider crabs

This evening was the last of a spectacular set of spring tides measuring 0.0 on the tide charts and perhaps the lowest set of spring tides for the year. It was possible to walk around the East Pier and virtually walk the full length of the East Pier breakwater of boulders. It was a amazing site to see the masses of large spider crab that had taken up residence in the boulders something that was unheard of years ago. Most of the female crabs had shed their shells and the male were "tinny", indicating they had shed their shells first. There were so many spider crabs it was like an invasion and even in the morning during the daylight low water spider crabs were around the second cant of the East Pier wall as shown in the photograph. All around the Thanet coast spider crabs shells are appearing on the strandline which I suppose is a indicator of global warming.

My objective over the evening low water was to recover lost fishing tackle with my metal detector, mainly to recover lead. Which as a commodity is worth selling as scrap. I found 87 weights over the springs of which some are pictured.Otherer finds included a knife, a mobile and a few coins.