Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Foreness Bay without the estate

An Black and White arial photograph of the Palm Bay estate when it was a field of sea breeze barley. Taken in a era when it was safe to have a beach hut in the area. Interesting when enlarged with somme interesting detail of the pre Palm bay estate.

Bungalow Clitonville

This postcard is a black and white photograph was more than likely taken from the roof of the Walpole Bay Hotel. The Bungalow Cafe was a excellent place to chill out on a hot day when the tide was in. Just a sad remider of what Clitonville has lost.

Building Arlington House

There is a lot of publicity surrrounding the future of Arlington House this week in the Gazette. This picture was taken during the construction and anyone working the crane must certainly have had a head for heights. I suppose if the place was ever to be taken down this pic does give the answer to how it wil be carried out.

Jet Spray Margate Harbour

A 1960's black and white photograph of the Jet Spray coming alongside the Kings Steps. The Harbour in the background is full of boats, other features are Mannings wooden whelk stall, the ship inn, the RNLI inshore rescue hut and days trips to France from Margate Pier.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Margate league of loyalists

A rare document from the Margate Historical Society archives from the first world war. A reminder that in war time local working class people did not desert Margate they just toughed it out. I suppose today people in Margate and Ramsgate just do that they tough it out as they always do on this corner of Kent. But in the First World War they knew who the enemy was, today I wonder who or what is the "enemy".

Margate Windmills 1830

In the previous print of Margate Harbour 1820 there are three windmills on the horizon. The windmills belonged to Daniel Gouger and the windmill in the foreground as shown is this print by George Bonner stood close behind the site of present day Woolworths at Northdown Road. This windmill was set alight by smugglers in 1836 in order to create a diversion, this caused a public outcry and shortly afterwards "Carver" Lawrence a local smuggler was convicted of smuggling and transported.

Margate Pier and Harbour 1860

This print has been dated at 1860, produced by Kershaw & Son London, this print is of the newly built jetty with a paddle steamer and a more commercialised harbour judging by the masts. Pictures of the Harbour are usualy dated by the lighthouse, normaly pre 1828 and post 1953.

Margate Harbour 1820

This print is of Margate Harbour looking towards the parade has been dated 1820.When dating prints from this view always look for Holy Trinity Church which was constructed in 1824 to accommodate the spiritual needs of visitors to the town. Also on the horizon there are three windmills the one furthest on the right was set alight by smugglers in 1836.
One interesting point is the railings on the Harbour Wall surprisingly enough being a listed building today the harbour cannot have railings, strange.