Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Ramsgate's Cinque Ports trophies ?

Since January I have been auditing the Ramsgate town Council collection of art and artefacts. Out of curiosity I have been taking a look at the Ramsgate town silver. Among the town silver collection I have come across three trophies with military connections. The town council has no provenance on them and I am looking at the possibility they may have Cinque port connections.

The first trophy of interest is known as the Ramsgate rifle challenge trophy. It has no engravings or base. The maker of the trophy is  William Aitken of Vyse Street  Birmingham and the year the trophy was assayed was 1902. Below is a close up photograph of the top with a rifleman with a bent rifle due to the top being dropped. The uniform of the rifleman may be a indication of  what unit he belonged to.

The next cup photographed is one of a pair of the same size . The one photographed above and below  is hallmarked sterling silver, made in Birmingham in 1904. The maker is William Aitken Vyse Street Birmingham, the same makers of the Ramsgate rifle challenge cup dated 1902.
It is engraved on the front " Best Aggregate, Challenge Cup, presented by Regimental Sergeant Major J. W Chapman." On the back it is engraved "1906 B.M Stirrups, 1913 F.G Friend".
There are no records or references to the cup so this cup is now up for a bit of research. I also have reason to believe that this small J. W Chapman cup once had a lid and that is also missing. 

The next cup photgraphed below is hallmarked London 1869 and has a Victoria young head duty mark. The makers mark is HH and that is the mark of Henry Holland of Holland, Aldwinckle & Slater. It is engraved "The Ladies Cup" “A challenge cup presented to the 1st company CPAV on behalf of the ladies by Lieutenant John Croker Barram September 1869". It also has engraved the names of previous winners of various military rank. They date from 1869 to 1881, 1890 to 1899 then 1905, 1911 and 1913. The last winner was bombardier F .G Friend 1913, the same name appears on the best aggregate cup above for that year.
 On the ladies cup  most of the winners are either a gunner of bombardier and because of this  I now suspect that CPAV stands for Cinque Port Artillery Volunteers.

I do welcome any comment that will be of use to Ramsgate Town Council in piecing together their history.


Anonymous said...

Why not contact the 'Ramsgate 1957 & Dover 1900 Rifle Club' via as they might have information within the club's history or committee minutes?


Tony Ovenden said...

Thanks for that I will contact them.