Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Sunday, 8 February 2015

The 7th Earl of Cardigan and the Ramsgate Town silver.

After spending a bit of time researching  I have now come up with some provenance of the previous owners of the Tomson & Wotton wine coolers in the Ramsgate Town Council collection. The wine coolers were given to the Borough of Ramsgate by Ramsgate brewers Tomson & Wotton in 1934 to commemorate 50 years since the borough was incorporated in 1884. Hallmarking dates the wine coolers as 1839 and the makers are R & S Garrard , London the crown jewelers.

The crest on the liner is a sea horse argent and above is an earl's coronet. In Debrett's complete peerage of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland 1838 this crest is the crest of the Earl of Cardigan. The hallmark on the liner is 1840 and that dates the wine coolers at the time of James Thomas Brundenell 7th Earl of Cardigan. History remembers the 7th Earl of Cardigan as leading the charge of the light brigade on the 25th October 1854 during the Crimean war. Other research points to the very colourful life the 7th Earl lived. He died on 27th March 1868 after falling off his horse.

There are two identical coat of arms on the base of the wine coolers . It is hard to tell which is the front or the back but they are in this alignment in relation to the handles. The crest is identical to that of the Earl of Cardigan including the motto "en grace affie " on grace depend. This to came be found in Debrett's complete peerage 1838. There is one slight difference and that is what is known as a Fret on the right hand half of the shield otherwise everything else is the Earl of Cardigan. The wine cooler is hallmarked 1839. 

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Anonymous said...


Thank you for this interesting information about these two wine decanters.

I am very surprised to see the motto "EN GRACE AFFIE" on a piece of silverware traced to the Earl of Cardigan.

I Always held that motto to be used by the Grace family of Tullaroan in Ireland.

Is any heralic explanation available?