Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Displaying the Ramsgate Town Council collection and a ramble.

The original Ramsgate civic collection of historic art in local Government control was instigated by Dame Janet Stancombe Wills in 1912, the origins being fine art.
Over a century later what remains of the collection overall is a very poor record of Ramsgate's historical past as seen through art and artifacts. However, Ramsgate's documented history of archive and photographic images does remain wholly intact thanks duly to a group of  dedicated local historians. There are many factors that have led to the demise of the historic Town collection like the fire that destroyed the museum in the town's library and very poor record keeping at local government level that has led to all sorts of problems.
I have just finished finished a report for Ramsgate Town Council (RTC) that will be going to committee regarding the items RTC own. I have now listed most of the items under RTC ownership with recommendations of a way forward. I have also mentioned that within the other two local authority collections, Kent County Council and Thanet District Council there does exist  enough items to restart a Ramsgate Town  collection should the opportunity arise.
However, the first stage really is to find out what items are where and record everything on a data base. This will include gathering information on Ramsgate artifacts local authority does not own with the intention of building a knowledge base of such items.
I am looking at starting in the future a Ramsgate historic art and artifact group, an online research group that will publish all findings online for search engines. Recently on facebook I have put on a few items from the RTC collection on the Friends of Ramsgate seafront page and that has proved to myself that such an interest does exist.

I have spoken to a number of RTC Councillor's including the Mayor with the intention of arranging an open evening at the Custom House to display items that RTC own for public viewing. Once I have a date everyone will be informed.

            Below are some more of the items owned by Ramsgate Town Council.

Limited edition print by Alfred Smith listed as number 243 out of 250. The view is of shellfish stalls opposite the Custom house in Harbour Parade. The print is dated 1976. 

1960's ariel view of Ramsgate Harbour.

Acrylic on board “The Slipway” September 1978, painted by A Shepherd, Kingsgate, Broadstairs. 

Framed signature of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother 18th July 1986. 

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