Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Monday, 16 June 2014

Exploring the Thanet coast even deeper.

Sometime ago I took the decision to drop local history and work on other subjects regarding the Thanet coast. I took the decision to drop local history because I was being marginalised by people who have no real  depth of knowledge of the subject and I can see no point in being a member of a group, museum or society any more. As life is to short to worry about people like that I am now totally freelance on what I do regarding the Thanet coast.
Recently I have been reading up on Dr Arthur Walton Rowe who without doubt in this modern age is one of Margate's and Thanet's forgotten sons. This guy was amazing because he studied and made many  discoveries in and around Thanet. I am also inspired by the fact that he was also a conchologist and as there is no shortage of sea shells on the Thanet coastline , I thought I will now concentrate on sea shells for the rest of the summer. To date things are going really well and I have literally thousands of sea shells .
All of my finds are being photographed and below is a photograph of more recent finds. As you can see in the photograph some of the shells have holes in them. This is caused by a predator and in this case it is these little chaps on the right of the photograph. They are known as sting winkles and the attach themselves to a suitable prey, boring a small hole into the shell to eventually suck out the contents. These finds came from the Western Undercliff area of Ramsgate.

Below is another common species that can be found in abundance along the south coast. In Thanet they do take some finding and these examples in the photograph came from the Pegwell Bay area of Ramsgate. They are known as the prickly cockle and the distribution is from Southern Norway to the Med. Like the common cockle they are commercially exploited.

I do not expect to make exceptional discoveries, but by photographing and publishing my finds it is a record of what Thanet does have to offer to people outside of the area.

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