Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Bob Bradley

I have just heard the sad news that Bob Bradley has died and by the sound of it, in tragic circumstances. Bob worked at the Margate museum and for a period of time and in the years before the place was closed he took responsibility for running the museum. Bob was a collector and he had a huge collection of Second World War memorabilia covering the home front. He also had a huge collection of weapons and I dread to think what the Police must have thought when they entered his house.
Bob was an honest bloke and he didn't mince his words and told people exactly what he thought. We had a difference of opinion when issues regarding the museum came to light. It was more about my approach of making it public he didn't like but we did agree to differ. Regardless of what happened in the past I am still saddened to hear of his death. His greatest achievements in my eyes has to be his contribution to building the museum archives and his efforts to build the Second World War collection especially all the artefacts the museum holds  relating to the home front and life in Margate at the time.


Tony Ovenden said...

I see in today's Gazette 9/5/14 that the police have come across Bob's hoard of guns. When he worked at the Margate museum he stored many weapons there including a few machine guns and a AK47 , as far as I know the AK47 was a loan to him. He would let my son's play with his machine guns and often they were put on display. At an event at the museum my son pointed the machine gun at Roger Gale and pulled the trigger. Fortunately Roger Gale did see the funny side of it. Among his wartime collection he did show me a collection of concentration camp armbands. He also had a collection of SS stuff. In fact I would think it would be possible to open a museum with the items he had. Out of all the stuff he had I did like his lee enfield fifles.

Tony Ovenden said...

Among Bobs other items he collected were fossils and it was an very impressive collection.In fact he donated a complete collection of Thanet fossils to the Ramsgate Maritime Museum and they still have them.

Bob said...

Hey Tony

I am genuinely sorry to read of the news of this person's death.

However, when someone dies it should cause us to think seriously about our own eternal destiny.

When a person dies he, or she, will pass into Heaven or Hell. Those who have repented of their sins and accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour go to Heaven, those who have not so repented and accepted Christ end up in Hell.

I would urge you to make your peace with God by turning away from your sins and turning to Christ.


Bob Hutton