Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Thanet coast and the stones of Avalon

The tidal surge of the 6th December 2013 and the following two months of gale force winds have had a more profound impact on the coastline of Isle of Thanet than most people realize. Many of the people who really know and understand the coast have noticed the changes, resulting in many finds. As for myself I have set up a new collection of raw Amber found since day one of the surge and this is part of it. Finding Amber on the Thanet coastline is nothing new but it is highly specialized and takes a great deal of understanding of  wind , tides and the seasons to be good at it.
I have had other  Thanet Amber collections before of which  I have given away or loaned. One collection I call the Nordic collection found off Margate is on loan at the Margate Museum but unfortunately they seem to have difficulty in returning it to me.  I have now found these people just impossible to deal with so I have started a new collection and this time I am not going to part with a single piece of it. It is going to be the biggest collection ever amassed from the south of Thanet coast and I am going to call the collection. " The  Stones of Avalon" because  it all originates from the south westerly winds.

Above in the palm of my hand are some of the pieces found since 6th December 2013, the day of the surge.

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