Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Images of past Margate and Cliftonville Hotels.

I have been gradually been wading through the Mick Twyman archive of 3,500 images putting items of interest into folders. One subject I have chosen are the hotels in both Margate and Cliftonville that are no longer with us or the buildings have changed. This is a sample so please feel free to download and copy these fine examples of our seaside heritage. Like a DJ I do requests so if there is any particular hotel or guest house you require email me or whatever and I will see if I have it.


Anonymous said...

Interesting set of photographs. Anymore Ramsgate ones to come?

Anonymous said...

I recall some problems with standard footing for an extension to my aunt's hotel in Surrey Road in 60s/early 70s.

I seem to recall that the ground and buildings had been damaged by a WW2 bomb. As the first floor was being built there was a vertical top to base fault developing. So this was put right but the extension was changed to be ground floor only.


Anonymous said...

Oh and while I am strolling in memory lane. 1976 I recall officials (I think TDC but not sure) who filled what was said to be former petrol tank storage under frontages of National Tyres Cliftonville with water.

The German radio transmitter/receiver installation was discovered during WW2 by builders in a house in Gladstone Road Broadstairs. They had been contracted to do work there by the so called Nazi doctor of Kingsgate but had decided to play Sherlock Holmes and report what they found.

You may know there was a major SOE transmitter receiver station at Canterbury in a mansion that became postwar a City Council conversion to flats. So whether the Broadstairs radio set up was an intercept facility ?

I think you know that through Earl Selborne the SOE was much helped with the provision of land etc for training and operational support by Corpus Christi Cambridge who owned (still do) farmland at St Nicholas/Birchington.

The Auxiliary Units of Home Guard were working to a plan of Mad Mike Calvert and Peter Fleming (brother of James Bond author Ian)

Peter Fleming Kent Aux Units

Fleming's stately home at Nettlebed Oxon (the little village where George Cole lives)became a Sue Ryder (ex SOE) Charity Home after WW2.

After WW2 there were people who wanted to keep the spirit of the SOE and Aux Units alive. Very often I am told they would be enthusiastic supporters of the Sue Ryder charity with swear box fund raising and so on .........

Wonder what a metal detectorist might find on Corpus Christi land like a chalk quarry in Thanet ?

Surely not a cache of WW2 guns ?


Anonymous said...

Maybe I can whet Margate Historical Society appetite now ?

Thanet Chalk pit where Monty was photographed Thanet Aux units

The bomb disposal sergeant was trying to locate it 1980s. Did he succeed ?

The ex smuggler tunnel being opened by Aux Units under Manston runways was rather too conveniently destroyed by a single German bomb. During the war reported as a stray single bomb. Richard