Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Ramsgate artefacts - TDC loans

This is a copy of the loan list of items loaned to Ramsgate Town Council by Thanet District Council. In total, it amounts to twenty items. Some numbered with TDC identification numbers and others that are not. What intrigues me however is how some of the items managed to come into TDC possession in the first place considering some items are clearly Ramsgate civic and item 3 for example was once displayed in Albion House and has no TDC identification.
It is an established fact  that all TDC artwork , printed matter like photographs, unframed prints etc..,  have an  identification number and to date I have found that most Ramsgate pre 1974 items  generally fall in the 7000 to 7999 TDC number range . On the list items 5 & 6 have a “J” number  that indicates the prints have come from a Borough of  Margate collection then re listed as a TDC item. Under the new TDC re numbering and cataloging these older numbers will be retained with the new number on the TDC data base to keep provenance.

Items  2 & 3 arrived at the Margate Museum when the TDC items were being removed from Albion House and the same applied to item 8. As I stated earlier there was no paper trail, they carry no TDC identification and this is evidence enough to suggest that the Albion House clearances need looking into.  Without TDC identification these items must have belonged to the Ramsgate Charter Trustees and if they didn't it just beggars belief that these items have remained un audited in a council building for 40 years. With this level of neglect how can anybody be 100% sure about the past security of Albion House items?  Another example has to be Item 4, Ramsgate post 1974 civic items in TDC ownership, Hmmm...,

Another point I should mention  is the description of item 9 being a print titled “Ramsgate” engraved by F Jukes. In fact this print is worth more that all the other items put together. It is a Aquatint drawn and engraved by Francis Jukes, published June 21st 1787 Howland Street, Bryden , Charing Cross , London . It is also described in  art catalogs as “further inscribed with topographical details of the harbour in pen and ink then executed in watercolour”. Sanders of Oxford have one up for sale at £600 and elsewhere on the internet a good quality framed reproduction is yours for £100. More details can be found on the internet.

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