Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Ramsgate artefacts - a box of frogs ?

The whereabouts of any of Ramsgates art and artefacts in public collections equates to nothing more than opening a box of frogs. It is everywhere, nobody has a clear picture where anything is and everything reeks of  chronic neglect. Ask any of the public institutions what have they got regarding Ramsgate art and artefacts and they cannot tell you or even come up with a complete  up to date factual list at a flick of a switch. As I said previously the fire at the Ramsgate library is covering up for a multitude of sins and it cannot go on for ever. If it was lost in the fire then so be it as it can be accounted for but something that really amazes me in the email stream I am getting is that people have information about certain things and have kept it to themselves. So what is the point of that.
I am now in the process of retrieving every single piece of documentation regarding Ramsgate art and artefacts and I will go through everything in fine detail over a period of time.

.This painting was on display in the Margate museum and it is now in storage. At the time it was displayed in the Margate museum because someone thought at the time the painting  was of  Margate harbour. I have now tracked down the person who painted it and have established its provenance.

The reply I got was as follows - Thanks Tony. The date in your article, 1981, sounds about right. I lived in Ramsgate at the time. I'd forgotten it but I think I painted it in acrylic from a photo I took myself.  I don't recall what I painted on - it may have been heavy Bockingford watercolour paper, or Daler board, or even primed hardboard - I used various surfaces at the time and I'd have to look to see which. Actually I also painted a much larger work of the harbour (in portrait format, from the western outer harbour wall looking south into the harbour, featuring fishing boats in particular) which a 'friend' 'borrowed' to 'try to sell' for me. I never saw it again, or received any money for it. We didn't remain friends! I may have a photo of it somewhere that I could email you if you're interested - if you knew of it I'd like to see it again. I put weeks of work into it to achieve such fine detail.   Regards, John Richard Davies

One thing I do not aim to do is hoard information.

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