Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Saturday, 25 January 2014

TDC - some artefact statistics.

In 1990 the TDC Museums officer at the submitted this above report to Thanet District Council it was his assessment of the TDC collection stored in the Margate Museum at the time. This document was retrieved from Museum records and it was one of a number I submitted to the artefacts task and finish group. What interests me most is the statistics especially the number of prints and paintings.
In November 1991 the then chief executive of TDC at the time signed at document stating like in the document above the collection of prints and paintings consisted of 500 items. Also in the same document the collection consisted of 1,000 objects and 10,000 photographic negatives and prints. There is also a mention of 17,000 sea shells loaned to the Powell Cotton Museum. The archaeological collection is mentioned as consisting of 500 items.
So how does these statistics compare to the report in the agenda for Monday's task and finish group.Well the report states the museum now holds approximately 6,000 items excluding individual photographs and posters. In this total there are 1,200 are prints and paintings of which 1000 have been checked to records. The report also states that the museum holds 4,400 objects of which 1,061 have been uploaded onto the database. Also in the report it is mentioned that all archaeological remains that are not from the Rowe bequest will be transferred to the local archaeological society and that number is unspecified.  
The report does not give any indicator of the size of the incredible archive that has grown over the years under the East Kent Maritime Trust management years that has become TDC property.

The above document has been the basis of my concerns because the problem has never been properly addressed by TDC, that is until now 24 years later.

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