Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Sunday, 26 January 2014

TDC artefacts , a conspiracy theory ?

Being in possession of the agenda for the TDC artefacts meeting tomorrow I now have this tremendous feeling that I was right after all regarding the position regarding the TDC publicy owned collection of artefacts. The situation has been so  bad in the past that  TDC has no choice but to completely start again and re list and re audit everything and take the Pol Pot option and start from zero. It even includes a proposal to take on an archivist at £25K a year to put everything right and that task is expected to take years. It may have taken years to come to this conclusion but TDC have finally got a firm grip on the management on this huge portfolio of art and artefacts so credit is due to those involved in resolving this, subject to the democratic process as this is still proposals.
Even some of the stats in my previous posting must have the most neutral of observers thinking where did that lot come from.Plus where was all the money spent that TDC grant assisted the museum service over the years and I dread to think what the total is.

I have been accused of conspiracy theories, emails ignored , letters ignored, lied to and had so many puts downs. I have had a meeting with a TDC leader, a Deputy leader and a senior TDC officer each assuring me there was nothing wrong when in fact as we stand today it is a clear as day there was. In the words of a consultant that was called in to review the situation "It is the worst case of museum management I have ever seen" . I think that is enough said.

Finally, I do not name names I don't hold grudges I just want it sorted.

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Anonymous said...

Well done Tony for hanging on in there. From at least one Thanet resident, I applaud your efforts.