Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Friday, 25 October 2013

Shared history.

One good thing about living on the coast is that we do have a shared history with other coastal areas and inland waterways all thanks to maritime commerce. Margate's claim to fame has to be the first commercial paddle steamer services that tie in nicely with London history.
At the Margate Museum they do hold a collection of paddle steamer prints that sadly to say are at risk due to neglect in the past, they also hold other paddle steamer items.
With the demise of Margate's Jetty in the 1978 storm and the storm of 1953 that severely damaged the stone pier there is very little evidence that the paddle steamer trade ever existed at Margate apart from the items in the Museum collection.

Shared history, the "Royal Sovereign" and "Koh-I-Noor" off  London Bridge, both regular visitors on the Margate run.

A print of the "Magnet" in the Margate Museum. This photograph was taken in 2007 and unfortunately has started to suffer from foxing six years ago. The print originated from the Parker collection that was purchased by the then Borough of Margate in 1929.The Parker collection consists of 10,471 items and does have a substantial collection of paddle steamer prints.

A print of the  "Royal Adelaide" on display in the Margate Museum. This print originates from the Parker collection purchased by the Borough of Margate in 1929 from Frederick Reeve Parker for a sum of £1190.00. In the collection there are 67 paddle steamer and sailing hoy themed prints.

It is unfortunate that some of the prints have not been professionally cared for by Thanet District Council the owners of  the collection. This is not foxing but mould and fortunately not all the collection is like this. However no print in any public collection should ever be allowed to end up like this, it is so amateurish and reeks of neglect.

This is a good example of the bits and pieces that turn up on the foreshore at Margate and a very tangible reminder of the paddle steamer past. The piece bearing the The New Palace Steamers logo was found in 1998 and the other piece was found in the same area in 2012. Both pieces were found by myself and donated to the Margate Museum collection.

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