Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Detective work of a different sort.

One of the good things about using Mick Twyman's postcard collection is that I can study in detail looking for anything that can help me with digging around the coastline. "X" doesn't generally mark the spot but a bit of photographic archive does. Looking at this photograph taken in 1956 of the "Sincerity" unloading coal.
In the foreground the extent of the dredging that took place post war to keep the harbour clear is clearly seen. This explains why during the the sea defence works when the underpinning of the stone Pier took place there were not many artefacts found in the areas when the deep digging took place. I knew most of this already because after the second world during 1947 and 1948 extensive dredging took place taking out many layers of history. By deduction I chose areas were dredging was least likely and that was where I found most of my artefacts.
Example of a find an intact H D Rawlings salt glaze Ginger Beer bottle.

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Readit said...

Your postcards also give an insight into social history, when coal had to be unloaded, dredging was done otherwise householders were cold and industry stopped.

In the 21st century, TransEuropa Ferries cannot pay their bills and the harbours silt up.