Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Found off the coast of Ramsgate

One thing I like about items that come off the sea bed is that they tend to be more intact than items found on the foreshore. In most cases items found at sea are either dumped overboard or originated from shipwrecks. They do tend to be better preserved and do have this nice weathered appeal that does give them some form of provenance. Being an ex fisherman myself I have always been fascinated by items brought up in the nets and I  like to swap stories and record finds of which I now many.
Off the coast of Ramsgate there is regularly an abundance of finds that generally do go unrecorded that is unless it is a high profile find and worth money. A few days ago an old skipper of mine dropped in a few items he has had turn up in his nets off Ramsgate. I am not sure how long he has had them but he has let me hold on to them to research and to photograph . In return I spent some time telling him what to look for in future and how to identify and date certain objects.

I photographed the items below giving some description even though it may be rather vague.

Two earthenware pots, the small Victorian pot to the left is very common earthenware, originally white glaze and had a generic use. However I am struggling to identify the pot on the right with the four lugs. When brought up in the nets it had pieces of  leather inside it. It stands 108 mm high internal diameter is 72 mm and is perfectly round.

John Lusty turtle soup two tone earthenware 1 quart pot made by Lambeth Doulton   dates  around  1912 to 1920. Stand 155 mm high  internal diameter 102 mm.
Spode mug, dates between 1780 to 1790. Has the letter A on the base  of which I am still researching. It is a lovely find as there are not many Georgian period intact finds in any Thanet collection with a local provenance. Stands 81 mm high internal diameter approximately 81 mm as it is slightly irregular in shape. 

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