Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Friday, 10 May 2013

The Margate Donor and Ramsgate items.

Latest find - Faversham & Thanet milk token
I am now receiving emails regarding items donated to the Thanet District Council collection at the Margate Museum prior to the closure in 2007 and I am appealing for any information on any donations to the Museum.
 I am also appealing for any recollections of the collections held at the Victoria Road Margate library and the Tudor House museum. Especially  the 17,000 sea shells unlisted in the TDC collection and the Cobb butterfly collection  Also I am appealing to anyone who donated Ramsgate items to the East Kent Maritime Trust that are lodged in the Margate Museum to let me know what they donated.
Today, I met someone who donated two uniforms to the Margate museum prior to 2007. The reason I state prior to 2007 is because I am stating quite clearly that the current set up at the Margate museum and TDC have nothing to do with what I am looking into.
This  person informs me that one uniform is similar to the uniform worn by a Bow Street runner and the other a red band uniform tunic . He can give a good description and he informed me that when he went back to the museum a year or two later to see if they were on display, he was told the Museum have never received such an item. However, I can confirm they were at the Museum because I saw them when they came in and I remember commenting how small the person must have been who wore them. The good thing about old Margate and old Ramsgate is when it comes to historical items  people do have such good memories and that should not under estimated .
 I am now chasing up an old Borough of Margate catalogue of museum items that I now know where one is in existence   These items were housed in the Victoria Road Margate library and were passed onto TDC during local government reorganization in 1974.

Other gossip of merit, I have contact with someone who collected the 20 prints and oil paintings from the Maidstone Judges quarters in 2007. I am hoping on getting a written account.

I now have information on a number of TDC  prints that shouldn't have been be where they are and they are being returned to TDC so that is one little secret that cannot be kept from me.

On Tuesday this week I donated a pre first world war plate to the Margate Museum and a 1950' / 1960's comb holder bearing the Margate coat of arms. I have also given the museum an album identical to the one that went missing that was full of comic postcards. With the album I also gave a number of comic postcards and under the new regime at the museum the items were booked in under the new TDC guidelines.

Finally above is a Faversham & Thanet Co op milk token that I came across today at an antiques fair dates 1933 to 1965.

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