Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

No choice but to resign

This evening I emailed the chairman of the Friends of the Margate Museum to tender my resignation from the executive of the Friends of the Margate Museum as this is seen by TDC officers as a conflict of interest if  I am to sit on a working party to look at TDC art and artefacts. I didn't want to resign but in a way I had no choice if I am to push my concerns over the appalling way Thanet District Council have treated our heritage. The only consolation I have from my resignation is that it does harden my resolve to remain focused researching into this issue.

The way TDC looked into my background really is an eye opener how council officers work. For example if someone is elected to serve on TDC they have to make a declaration, well in fact they are asked to provide details. Unfortunately it does appear that Joe Public co opted onto a working party does not have that privilege of being asked, as from my recent experience council officers will check out someones background without them knowing, then ring them up with the verdict. If they had been courteous to ask me I would have gladly given them the information.

In order to save council taxpayers the cost of officer time looking into my background I will provide details free of charge for future reference.

I have been a  member of the Labour party for nearly thirty years, I have been a member of TDC from 1995 to 2003, I am currently a member of Ramsgate Town Council. I work for Southeastern Railway and belong to the RMT and I am a rep for platform staff.
I am a life member of the Margate Civic Society and a member of the Margate Historical Society and the Friends of the Margate Museum. I am also a volunteer TDC coastal warden for the Western Undercliff and I am a licensed collector with Natural England.
I research local coastal  history and dig things out of the ground, record the provenance and collect them. I also buy historical things at auction (keeping the receipts) to either collect or to donate items to the Margate Museum or to the Ramsgate Town Council collection. I do not sell any historical item for profit.
My long term objective is to be part of the movement to set up a town Museum in Ramsgate.


James Maskell said...

You may want to reconsider that in light of tonight's Overview and Scrutiny meeting. Best of luck with the TDC Artefacts Management etc etc Group.

Anonymous said...

what happened tonight

FF said...

It seems that TDC is modelled on the old USSR pattern!
I wonder how many 'secret police investigations' are current?
That's why I choose not to reveal my real name.
Fred Flange

Mike Harrison said...

A bit premature Tony,,,,

Richard said...

That's TDC Tony.

Meanwhile a cllr is not required to clarify what gun ranges he has used or belonged to in Thanet. Even when the issue is failures of TDC Planning to enforce planning law against a Thanet Range.

A cllr who belittles the history of private military and emergency medicine training provided by a self styled papal knight MI6 agent.

Was the cllr's own EMT training provided by one of the many companies run by the Roberts bros ? One of whom is a self styled papal knight and MI6 employee ?

Sir Adrian Vincent Roberts reportedly a convicted firearms felon USA

Tony Ovenden said...

Probably was Mike , but what is done is done and I am working completely independently on this issue.

Amanda said...

This is cool!