Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Missing items again and again.

 As always the research continues into the Thanet District Council art and artifact collection of which I am totally focused.
To the left is a 1970's retro postcard album that is identical to the one I donated to the Margate Museum that has gone missing. Inside were many comic postcards that were all sourced locally either from Margate and Ramsgate shops. Most originating from the flower shop at the top of Margate High Street about ten years ago. The collection consisted of about 50 to 60 postcards of which the majority were Bamforth postcards by  artists Arnold Taylor, Brian Perry and Chas. Artwork of other postcard artists like Donald Mcgill, Pedro and Prof also formed part of the collection.Some even originated from "Dirty Dick's" shop in the Market Place from around the 1960's.
There were no rarities as each card had print runs of ten of thousands and I was fortunate to build the collection from duplicates I had in my own collection. To the left are examples of some of the missing postcards. They are not expensive as many can be picked up on eBay for less than a pound and to rebuild a significant collection does not cost the earth. To kick start a new collection I will donate those featured to the Margate  Museum and this time I will make sure that this time each one is individually listed.

I have been going through my research records and have come across TDC records of loans items to the Theatre Royal Margate. I find these records interesting because in the list two items are listed as missing, one item being a Playbill Theatre Royal Manchester 1859 and the other item being a programme from the Royal Theatre Wakefiled - gold pen on blue silk. Also in the list are 14 items that even though they have a museum number, they have been flagged as not listed in the catalogue. One example being a 14 inch x 16 inch water colour of Mr W.H. Powell as Shacabac (Bluebeard) painted 1893. Sounds an all to familiar story.

Also why I am at it I would like to say thank you to the person who left the carrier bag on the Margate Museum doorstep. I would like to reassure the person that the said items have now been returned to the Museum collection.

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