Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Margate museum friends group agm and more investigation into the TDC collection.

I started off this afternoon  attending the friends of the Margate museum agm which happened to start after my shift at 14:30 at the Margate museum. The meeting was well attended and elections of officers took place of which I was elected to the executive committee.
The meeting was very business like and was all about the running of the margate museum over the past year and is totally divorced from the problems I have flagged up over the TDC collection. In bullet points I have listed some of the key points raised.

  • Overall it has been a good year with attendance and ticket sales up. Income has been buoyant thanks to some large donations that will go towards conservation and project work.
  • The collections are going to be revamped with items coming out of storage.The maritime room will be moved and the spiral staircase leading from the cells to the old court room will be reopened.
  • The museum collection of photography will be online by 2014 as part of the South East Archive of Seaside photography project. The collection will also be in every academic library in the country.
  • This years exhibition will be "A day trip to Margate 1920's to the 1960's" opening 1st June 2013.
  • Mick Tomlinson will be giving a talk on his life and times working at  Dreamland , with the date to be announced.
  • TDC officers are working on a Heritage lottery fund bid.
  • The Audit of the museum is still on going with volunteer help.
There was a general discussion on the state of the grade 2 listed building and on the Heritage lottery funding bid for the Museum. I did join in the debate expressing the view that regeneration of the area is heritage based tourism and the museum is part of the package. I also believe that the collection is very under rated and the profile of the collection needs to be raised. It was also mentioned that the collection is the largest seaside collection owned by a local authority.The reason being was during the 1970's and 1980's most seaside local authorities sold off their collections so TDC's incompetence during that period seems to have some advantages.

Following the meeting I met up with a Margate Historical Society researcher for a catch up and a exchange of information. In bullet points I listed some of the direction I am going and some further information.

  • We are going to retrieve the will of Doctor Aurthur Walton Rowe and his bequest of items to the Borough of Margate looking for further clues.
  • Two Parker collection items have been seen sold recently at auction we are going to follow that up.Parker collection items are property of either TDC or KCC.
  • Auditors at the Margate museum have come across boxes of items that are unlisted.
  • TDC items according to records are still on loan to the judges chambers at Maidstone. I thought they all had been returned ?
  • We are doing a private investigation into who had access to the Margate  museum during the closure period. Some good info on that one !
  • More information on the "T" list has come to light.
  • The thief, the fence and the buyer.
Finally when the TDC working party  is set up to look into the collection and proceedures of which I have been co opted I  will see  if I can get total unrestricted access to the entire TDC collection as a working party member.

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I don't recall discussion about any security of tenure for the museum. Is there a worthwhile lease in please?