Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Saturday, 27 April 2013

The Victory lugger memorial dedication 27th April 2013 in photographs

 Today (27/04/13) in brilliant sunshine a replacement memorial stone was dedicated to the entire crew of the Margate Victory lugger who lost their lives assisting the barque Northern Belle an American flagged vessel that had run aground on 5th January 1857 between Kingsgate Bay and Foreness Point off the Thanet coast. The crew of the Northern Belle were eventually all saved.
The Mayor and Mayoress Will and Jodie with the Bishop of Dover

After a 100 meters Iris finds the pace a bit hard going

Margate's finest the RNLI crew led by coxswain Trevor Lamb 

Not bad Iris has still manged to keep up
The rest of Margate's finest

The serious bit, the Bishop of Dover addresses the flock.

The memorial stone.


Tony Ovenden said...

I received this email from Australia which I found refreshing.

My name is David Lindsey Emptage and I now live in Melbourne Australia. It is only in these past 12months that during research of my family history, have I come to know about the Emptage’s who were not only Mariners, Boatmen, Fishermen but also Lifeboatmen. After reading of their exploits I am so proud of those men and what they stood for. The losses sustained during the Northern Belle rescue is heartbreaking and one only hopes that their widows and families were provided for either by donation or monetary assistance from the United States.

Alfred Emptage was my great grandfather and his brothers Edward, Charles and George being my great uncles. William and John Emptage who lost their lives that day, they were my 2nd great uncle and 1st cousin. The Sea Gallantry Medal awarded to Alfred now resides with the American Numismatics Society in Philadelphia. I have written to them but they refuse to sell it to me unfortunately. The medal can be viewed at I believe it was taken to America by Alfreds son, Alfred James Emptage who emigrated to New York after his father passed away.

Sometime later this year there will be a web site dedicated to all these men and all the Emptage’s of Margate along with a blog spot. I hope this will encourage other people to interact and enjoy the history of Maritime Margate.

I want to thank you for the wonderful story you have written on your Thanet coast life blogspot. I found it very moving and it brought me so much closer to my relatives than I ever thought possible.

A James T Ovenden 1908 – 1981 married a Nellie W Emptage 1911- and a Thomas Ovenden 1862 – 1942 married a Martha Ann Emptage 1863 – 1917 and they had a son Thomas Francis Ovenden who later married a Florence M Wanstall. I am wondering if you may be related to any of those people.

The tyranny of distance has curtailed me from attending the commemoration on the 27th and I will sorely miss being there on the day, but there will be cousins of mine from around the country who are definitely going. I will look forward to their photos and stories.

I wish you a wonderful day on the 27th and I will raise a glass to all those lifeboatmen past and present who selflessly lay down their lives to save others. Good cheer.

Anonymous said...

hi all i was sorting through some of my late grandfathers possesions in the loft and found a sea gallantry medal the emptsge of thanet 1857 northern belle rescue has anyone got any idea of the value as i wish to sell it and donate some of the proceeds to the rnli please email me on if you have any information to the value of the medal many thanks .

Linda Wales said...

I have only just found this post, so please forgive me for the delay in replying. My husband's great grandfather was also awarded a medal for his part in the rescue. Do you still have the medal? The reason I ask, is I wonder if you took a photograph of it? I am researching the whereabouts of all the medals presented, and if this is indeed one of the medals given by the President of the United States then you need to be very careful where and to whom you sell it! Don't be tempted to clean it! If you could reply to me with details of the medal and whether you still have it, I would be very grateful. I have located 14 medals so far, one on which was sold at Auction in 2015, so perhaps this was yours. I am currently writing a piece about these medals which will shortly be appearing in the Thanet Gazette. I do hope to hear from you. Regards, Linda Wales