Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

TDC art and artefacts - more evidence

 I have been spending the past week researching the fate of art and artifacts in Thanet, so if anyone thinks I have run out of steam on this issue they are very much mistaken.
I am now in possession of a letter and it is a internal TDC one. It is by the them TDC museums officer and is dated 13th June 1990 given his assessment of the TDC acquired collection. Given that the collection was inherited by TDC in 1974 it does make interesting reading 16 years on.
As always the familiar words like "missing" and inadequate records do pop up.
In previous postings I have mentioned missing items and I have received comments like "go to the Police" . Unfortunately I am not the injured party, TDC is and they wouldn't know where to start.
To be honest it does say a lot about local government that when something can go missing and it is not until a few years down the line they have noticed it has gone. The same applies to "discoveries" that when something is found and described as a recent. Only to be found it is already listed in the first place. Even to the neutral observer that  really says a lot about the system in place.

Anyway enough moaning, feel free to down load the letter as is describes perfectly the very beginning of my case well.

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