Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Dead Dolphin ashore May 2016

Monday, 1 April 2013

One for the Ramsgate watchers.

At the beginning of autumn last year my beachcomber collection at the Margate museum was dismantled. Now considering most of the collection was found to order I decided to donate the entire lot  to the Museum. The only exceptions being a few pieces I found and my earthenware's of which I am working on at present. At the same time I donated to the Margate museum a collection of Margate mineral water bottles.
 Most of the bottles fell in the £10 to £20 range but the significance of these bottles was that they were quality in the sense that they filled in gaps in the Museum collection. They also added diversity to the collection so the Museum can now display and have a full range of bottles dating from 1870's to the late 1920's that can complement any seaside exhibition they may hold in the future. I am particularly interested at the bottles the Museum have in the boxes  that were taken out of storage recently for auditing and I know for a fact there are a couple that are rarities. My other interest is what does the Museum have that belong to Ramsgate. Above is a photograph taken around the closure period in 2007. In the photgraph are four Ramsgate bottles that in every sense of the word are in public ownership so this is of importance to the Ramsgate watchers . On the top shelf in the top left hand corner next to the left of the Willet Monkton milk bottle is a cork top Ginger Beer bottle impressed George Sykes. I cannot see any other makers marks on the bottle but the bottle does originate from his mineral water works in 17 Turner Street Ramsgate and was sold from his shop at 68 King Street Ramsgate. George Sykes was in business from 1878 to 1891. Further along the fifth bottle from the left is a tall green bottle, that is a  S G Philpott shoulder or bulb neck Codd bottle and is in pristine condition. I do not generally talk valuations but this bottle is in the £30 to £40 range. S G Phillpott is the most well known manufacturer of mineral water in Ramsgate during the Victorian and Edwardian period. To the left of the blue soda syphon is another S G Philpott and this is a internal screw top ginger beer bottle and is dated and embossed S G Philpott. To the right of the blue soda syphon is a cork top amber beer bottle embossed E G Wastell Ramsgate this bottle is an absolute gem and is pristine.

I know I have been over this ground before but the Margate Museum does have Ramsgate research files and pictured below are five on Historic Ramsgate. Most of the information is copy documents but then it is information and once again this is a public asset for public access. There are other research files I think Ramsgate watchers need to be aware of including a pub file. As stated previously the Museum does have a collection of 10,000 photographs and negatives. This does include the sunbeam collection and Ramsgate is well represented. Like everything regarding Ramsgate the harbour is heavily featured but other areas of Ramsgate are well covered. At present all photography at the Museum is going online as part of a project with Christchurch University to put the whole lot online. So there is no chance of publicly held photographs owned by Thanet District Council ever disappearing from public view.

The Margate Museum does have a collection of post war Ramsgate holiday guides produced by the Borough of Ramsgate up until the 1970's when the Borough ceased to be. I do not know their future as to whether they are going to go back into storage, but the more people that know of their existence the better,

My tally to date of Ramsgate prints and paintings owned by TDC is so far 103 and that excludes the loans at the Maritime museum. I know there are more but it is my intention to have a list of every single one which I believe should be a public document.

Some of the Ramsgate research files at the Margate Museum.

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